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Dolphin Pics

All those pictures were taken from Dolphin Synergy's
Dolphin Photo Gallery, except when noted otherwise.


A New Day - Scanned from a card from my Dad. Painted by Eric Van Raemdonck. Beautiful!
Painting of dolphins and sunset - scanned from a catalog


A Jumping dolphin
Two jumping dolphins
A dolphin on end
A dolphin swimming along
Couple of dolphins swimming along
Dolphin's head
Dolphin's head -Better

Two dolphins swimming along the bottom
A dolphin comming straight towards the camera
3 dolphins going down
2 dolphins next to each other facing the oppisite directions
2 dolphins going straight down
A dolphin underwater,near the bottom
A dolphin underwater -Nice
2 dolphins near the bottom
Another picture of 2 dolphins near the bottom
2 dolphins near the surface
Another picture of 2 dolphins near the suface
4 dolphins near the the bottom

See also Lassen Paintings.


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