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How I came about being a vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian since August or September 1997. I canít quite remember exactly when I started, but it was sometime around that time.

My dad had been a vegetarian for a long time. And I didnít really care very much for meat. So one day I decided I would be a vegetarian. It really wasnít that hard. In my family we never ate Beef or Pork. And we only had chicken or turkey once in a while. And we had fish and seafood. I hated seafood. It was just to much work to get out all the bones out of the fish. And the other seafood was just gross. I thought turkey was just too chewy.

I was just a lacto-ovo (eats dairy and eggs) vegetarian. And then I read May All Be Fed: Diet for a New World by John Robbins. In that book I learned that behind meat, diary products have the most pesticides residues than any other food. I ate a lot of cheese then. I put it on everything. Dairy products have a lot of protein and fat and hormoes and they treat the animals really bad when they produce it. And too much protein is bad for you. So I stopped eating dairy products too. I still eat organic cheese and "cage free" eggs once in a while. (Like when there in chocolate cake [oh, yummy chocolate!!!]


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