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Welcome to my vegetarian page

Why I'm a Vegetarian

I am a vegetarian because I think eating meat is mean, gross, and illogical. I mean what did the animal do to you to deserve all that suffering. Animals are innocent creatures that humans should protect not torture. And in producing meat the animals are treated terrible. They live in little cages or pins with hardly any room to move. And the living conditions are horrible. They are fed all these antibiotics and hormones to make them fatter and so that they won't die under the stress. Then after all that they go to the slaughterhouse. Most of them are transported in trucks where they are not given food or water throughout the trip. They even have to stand up the whole time. By the time they get to the slaughterhouse many of them are injured, but if they can manage to limp along they go to the slaughterhouse. The rest are no good and are put out in a field to die. Then at the slaughterhouse it gets worse. But, that is all I'm going to say about that though.

Anyway, its dumb to eat meat when there is plenty of other food that you can eat. And its almost impossible to get a protein deficiency unless you eat a lot of junk food. People only ate meat before because they needed more food, but now there's other food. It's just a big waste of land, water, and money. You won't get a protein deficiency from not eating meat. In fact by eating meat you get too much protein which is bad.

I think if people where more educated about what goes on when they make meat they wouldn't eat it. But even if they did at least they knew what they were doing. For more info on the subject you can read books or go to some of my links.

Some Books on the subject are:
Diet For A New America by John Robbins
May All Be Fed: Diet For A New World by John Robbins

I recommend reading Diet for A New America first. It is a better starter. It is VERY good. I think everyone should read this book. May All Be Fed has recipes in the back.

More Information
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